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Mark Harden's Artchive Braque, Georges
Fruitdish and Glass
September 1912
Pasted papers and charcoal on paper
Private collection

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John Golding, "Cubism: A History and an Analysis":

"In Fruitdish and Glass, Braque used wood grain wallpaper in a literal manner, to represent the texture and color of wood. Two strips of wallpaper placed in the upper part of the papier colle denote the wood paneling (or perhaps faux bois wallpaper?) on the wall of the cafe, while a third strip placed horizontally at the lower edge signifies the cafe table or, more specifically, the drawer of the table.

"Yet the pieces of paper that suggest the paneling of the back wall refuse to remain in the distance, since they are plainly visible as flat elements Iying on top of the paper support and on the same forward plane as the drawer. For Braque, the wood grain paper undermines spatial relations, can be both figure and ground at once, and is conceived as a sign for material substance independently of its location in space."