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Raoul Hausmann

See also: Dada


Raoul Hausmann was the cofounder of the Berlin Dada movement in 1917, and the creator of photomontage in the following year. Photomontage is the art of arranging and glueing photographs or other found illustrative material onto a surface. Strictly speaking it is a type of collage, and it is included here because it is a process of selection, placement and sometimes embellishment, which sets it apart from photographic record, no matter how much this 'record' is distorted by the photographic apparatus or by subsequent techniques of developing. Hausmann actually gave up painting in 1923 and became more interested in various experimental photographic procedures. In The Art Critic the orange brick background is probably from one of Hausmann's phonetic poem posters intended to be stuck on walls all over Berlin. The figure over giant head and pen is stamped Portrait constructed of George Grosz 1920, and is probably a magazine photograph of Hausmann's colleague, Grosz.

- From Techniques of the Great Masters of Art

Raoul Hausmann Images

1919-20 The Art Critic
1920 Dada Siegt

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