Pablo Picasso images and biography
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Pablo Picasso

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1. Early Works

2. Blue Period

3. Rose Period

4. Beginnings of Cubism

5. Analytical Cubism

6. Synthetic Cubism

7. Between the wars

8. Picasso the legend

9. Late Works

The Blue Period

Shortly after moving to Paris from Barcelona, Picasso began to produce works that were suffused in blue. This particular pigment is effective in conveying a sombre tone. The psychological trigger for these depressing paintings was the suicide of Picasso's friend Casagemas. The Blue Period work is quite sentimental, but we must keep in mind that Picasso was still in his late teens, away from home for the first time, and living in very poor conditions.

Articles on Picasso's Blue Period

Hans L. C. Jaffe, from "Picasso"

William Rubin, from "Picasso in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art"

Carsten-Peter Warncke, from "Pablo Picasso: 1881-1973"

Picasso Blue Period Images on the Web

Le Gourmet (1901)

Self-Portrait (1901)

The Tragedy (1903)

La vie (1903)

The Old Guitarist (1903)

La Celestina (1904)

Le Repas Frugal (1904)

Woman Ironing (1904)

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