Pablo Picasso images and biography
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Pablo Picasso

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1. Early Works

2. Blue Period

3. Rose Period

4. Beginnings of Cubism

5. Analytical Cubism

6. Synthetic Cubism

7. Between the wars

8. Picasso the legend

9. Late Works

The Rose Period

In 1905-6, Picasso's palette began to lighten considerably, bringing in a distinctive beige or "rose" tone. The subject matter also is less depressing. Here are the first appearances by the circus performers and clowns that will populate Picasso's paintings at various stages through the rest of his long career.

Picasso Rose Period Images on the Web

Woman in a Chemise (Madeleine) (1904-05)

Lady with a Fan (1905)

Two Youths (1905)

Harlequin Family (1905)

La famille de saltimbanques (1905)

Boy with a Dog (1905)

Nude Boy (1906)

The Girl with a Goat (1906)

Composition: The Peasants (1906)

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