Giambattista Tiepolo images and biography
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Giambattista Tiepolo

See also: Rococo


Tiepolo was the sparkling star of eighteenth-century decorative painting in Italy. He was a virtuoso master of the fresco medium, sought after not only in Italy but also in Germany and Spain. Tiepolo brought imagination and Baroque grandeur to the frivolous Rococo spirit and infused it with sound pictorial composure, gleaned from his knowledge of Rubens, Rembrandt and Durer. The influence of the Venetian masters Veronese and Tintoretto is also prevalent in the eloquence and drama with which Tiepolo imbues his large scale compositions. As a colourist, Tiepolo is unsurpassed, progressing from the rather dark tonality of his early works to his characteristically sunny palette from the early 1730s.

At the peak of his career, in 1750, Tiepolo was commissioned to decorate the Wurzburg Palace, the Prince Archbishop's residence. America is one of Tiepolo's allegorical interpretations of the four continents, decorating the grand staircase of the palace. This exotic scheme is a tour de force, full of vigour and creative originality and is considered the masterpiece of Tiepolo's maturity. In the last years of his life the rising popularity of Neoclassicism caused the decline of Tiepolo's career but did not affect its tasting impact.

- From "The A-Z of Art: The World's Greatest and Most Popular Artists and Their Works", by Nicola Hodge and Libby Anson

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Giambattista Tiepolo Images

c. 1750 Tarquin and Lucretia
c. 1750 Tarquin and Lucretia - DETAIL
c. 1752 Rinaldo and Armida in the Garden
c. 1752 Rinaldo and Armida in the Garden - DETAIL
n.d. Seated River God, Nymph with an Oar, and Putto
c. 1755 The Martyrdom of Saint Agatha
c. 1755 The Martyrdom of Saint Agatha - DETAIL of executioner
c. 1755-60 Woman with a Mandolin

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