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(after) Herring, James
John W Francis 1778-1861 - (after) Herring, James reproductionsNoah Webster 1758-1843 - (after) Herring, James reproductionsMorgan Lewis - (after) Herring, James reproductions

Noah Webster 1758-1843

Noah Webster 1758-1843 - (after) Herring, James

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Noah Webster 1758-1843 - (after) Herring, James reproductions
Artist Name:(after) Herring, James
Painting Title:Noah Webster 1758-1843
Lluis Dalmau reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

Oliver Ellsworth - (after) Herring, James reproduction
Oliver Ellsworth reproduction
Portrait of Sebastian Cabot - (after) Herring, James reproduction
Portrait of Sebastian Cabot reproduction

R e l a t e d   r e p r o d u c t i o n s:

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Boulevard De Clichy reproduction
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William Marlow:
Westminster Bridge reproduction

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