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(after) Redoute, Henri Joseph
Rosa Pomponia, from Les Roses by Claude Antoine Thory 1757-1827 engraved by Eustache Hyacinthe Langlois 1777-1837 1817 - (after) Redoute, Henri Joseph reproductionsSugar Maple - (after) Redoute, Henri Joseph reproductionsColoured base reliefs from the south gallery of the peristyle of the palace, plate 12 from Vol II of Descriptions of Egypt, engraved by Antoine Phelippeaux b.1767 1822 - (after) Redoute, Henri Joseph reproductions

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple - (after) Redoute, Henri Joseph

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Sugar Maple - (after) Redoute, Henri Joseph reproductions
Artist Name:(after) Redoute, Henri Joseph
Painting Title:Sugar Maple
Pietro Lorenzetti reproductions


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