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Anders Zorn
Vita Liljor - Anders Zorn reproductionsMrs  Symons - Anders Zorn reproductionsEmma Zorn och hunden Mouche (Emma Zorn and Mouche, the dog) - Anders Zorn reproductions

Bathing Girls

Bathing Girls - Anders Zorn

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Bathing Girls - Anders Zorn reproductions
Artist Name:Anders Zorn
Painting Title:Bathing Girls
Landscape with Wild Animals - Roelandt Jacobsz Savery reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

Spetssom - Anders Zorn reproduction
Spetssom reproduction
Emma Zorn - Anders Zorn reproduction
Emma Zorn reproduction
Sommarnoje - Anders Zorn reproduction
Sommarnoje reproduction
Mrs Frances Cleveland - Anders Zorn reproduction
Mrs Frances Cleveland reproduction
Prins Carl - Anders Zorn reproduction
Prins Carl reproduction
Nymf Och Faun - Anders Zorn reproduction
Nymf Och Faun reproduction
Mrs  Symons - Anders Zorn reproduction
Mrs Symons reproduction
Kusineria - Anders Zorn reproduction
Kusineria reproduction

R a n d o m   r e p r o d u c t i o n s:

The Proclamation of Wilhelm as Kaiser of the new German Reich, in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles on 18th January 1871, painted 1885 2 - Anton Alexander von Werner
Anton Alexander von Werner:
The Proclamation of Wilhelm as Kaiser of the new German... reproduction
A Frozen River Landscape - Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn
Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn:
A Frozen River Landscape reproduction
Dinant  Belgium - James Webb
James Webb:
Dinant Belgium reproduction
Gold Prospecting in California in the 1860s - Gustave Adolphe Chassevent-Bacques
Gustave Adolphe Chassevent-Bacques:
Gold Prospecting in California in the 1860s reproduction
A Pergola - Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg
Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg:
A Pergola reproduction
Capital letter W, from LArt Croquis dAnimaux, published Paris, c.1920 - Jean (Miarko) Saude
Jean (Miarko) Saude:
Capital letter W, from LArt Croquis dAnimaux, published... reproduction
Fair Rosamund  1917 - John William Waterhouse
John William Waterhouse:
Fair Rosamund 1917 reproduction

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