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Dezso Czigany
Csendelet (banannal, naranccsal es halakkal), 1910 - Dezso Czigany reproductionsLeanyarckep (Merengo), 1903 - Dezso Czigany reproductionsMutermi csendelet, 1910 - Dezso Czigany reproductions

Kortes csendelet, 1920

Kortes csendelet, 1920 - Dezso Czigany

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Kortes csendelet, 1920 - Dezso Czigany reproductions
Artist Name:Dezso Czigany
Painting Title:Kortes csendelet, 1920
Bathers or Two Nude Women, c.1858 - Gustave Courbet reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

Onarckep, 1912 - Dezso Czigany reproduction
Onarckep, 1912 reproduction
Leanyarckep (Merengo), 1903 - Dezso Czigany reproduction
Leanyarckep (Merengo), 1903 reproduction
Mutermi csendelet, 1910 - Dezso Czigany reproduction
Mutermi csendelet, 1910 reproduction
Tajkep, 1906-08 - Dezso Czigany reproduction
Tajkep, 1906-08 reproduction

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