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Edward Lear
Sheikh Abadeh on the Nile - Edward Lear reproductionsAmada 2 - Edward Lear reproductionsPolytelis Barrabandi - Edward Lear reproductions

Cryptonyx ferrugineus

Cryptonyx ferrugineus - Edward Lear

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Cryptonyx ferrugineus - Edward Lear reproductions
Artist Name:Edward Lear
Painting Title:Cryptonyx ferrugineus
Thomas Moran reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

The Dead Sea - Edward Lear reproduction
The Dead Sea reproduction
Nuneham - Edward Lear reproduction
Nuneham reproduction
Psittacus niger - Edward Lear reproduction
Psittacus niger reproduction
Villefranche - Edward Lear reproduction
Villefranche reproduction
Psittacus barrabandi - Edward Lear reproduction
Psittacus barrabandi reproduction
Matons Parakeet - Edward Lear reproduction
Matons Parakeet reproduction
Stanley Crane Scops paradisea - Edward Lear reproduction
Stanley Crane Scops paradisea reproduction
Near Suez - Edward Lear reproduction
Near Suez reproduction

R e l a t e d   r e p r o d u c t i o n s:

Goldfinch Carduelis Elegans - (after) Gould, John & Richter, H.C.
(after) Gould, John & Richter, H.C.:
Goldfinch Carduelis Elegans reproduction
A Prowling Tiger - Elizabeth Pringle
Elizabeth Pringle:
A Prowling Tiger reproduction
Alethe Attendant of the Sacred Ibis 1888 - Edwin Longsden Long
Edwin Longsden Long:
Alethe Attendant of the Sacred Ibis 1888 reproduction
A Hunter Rescued from a Pit of Snakes, plate 41 Venationes Ferarum, Avium, Piscium Of Hunting Wild Beasts, Birds, Fish engraved by Jan Collaert (1566-1628 published by Phillipus Gallaeus of Amsterdam - Jan van der (Joannes Stradanus) Straet
Jan van der (Joannes Stradanus) Straet:
A Hunter Rescued from a Pit of Snakes, plate 41... reproduction
Bull Charging a Picador, 1865 - William Henry Lake Price
William Henry Lake Price:
Bull Charging a Picador, 1865 reproduction
Sleeping Gypsy - Henri Julien Rousseau
Henri Julien Rousseau:
Sleeping Gypsy reproduction
Niam Niam Parrot - Sarah Stone
Sarah Stone:
Niam Niam Parrot reproduction

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