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Emile Friant
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Tendresse Maternelle

Tendresse Maternelle - Emile Friant

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Tendresse Maternelle - Emile Friant reproductions
Artist Name:Emile Friant
Painting Title:Tendresse Maternelle
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F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

Tendresse Maternelle (Maternal Tenderness) - Emile Friant reproduction
Tendresse Maternelle (Maternal... reproduction
The Fight - Emile Friant reproduction
The Fight reproduction
Young Girl - Emile Friant reproduction
Young Girl reproduction
Unknown - Emile Friant reproduction
Unknown reproduction
The Frugal Repast - Emile Friant reproduction
The Frugal Repast reproduction
Woman with a lion - Emile Friant reproduction
Woman with a lion reproduction

R a n d o m   r e p r o d u c t i o n s:

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Fernand-Anne Piestre Cormon:
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The Model 1925 reproduction
Jupiter and Callisto 1655 - Caesar Van Everdingen
Caesar Van Everdingen:
Jupiter and Callisto 1655 reproduction

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