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Eva Gonzales
Dama de Blanco - Eva Gonzales reproductionsAfternoon Tea or On the Terrace, 1875 - Eva Gonzales reproductionsPortrait of a Woman in White, 1879 - Eva Gonzales reproductions

L'Indolence, 1871-72

L'Indolence, 1871-72 - Eva Gonzales

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L'Indolence, 1871-72 - Eva Gonzales reproductions
Artist Name:Eva Gonzales
Painting Title:L'Indolence, 1871-72
Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

La Toilette, 1879 - Eva Gonzales reproduction
La Toilette, 1879 reproduction
La Toilette - Eva Gonzales reproduction
La Toilette reproduction
Le Petit Lever - Eva Gonzales reproduction
Le Petit Lever reproduction
The young student - Eva Gonzales reproduction
The young student reproduction
Portrait of a Woman in White - Eva Gonzales reproduction
Portrait of a Woman in White reproduction
Nounou with child - Eva Gonzales reproduction
Nounou with child reproduction
White Shoes, 1879-80 - Eva Gonzales reproduction
White Shoes, 1879-80 reproduction
White Shoes - Eva Gonzales reproduction
White Shoes reproduction

R e l a t e d   r e p r o d u c t i o n s:

Itinerants - John Harden
John Harden:
Itinerants reproduction
Principal entrance to Kings Bench Prison, engraved by J. Garner - Thomas Hosmer Shepherd
Thomas Hosmer Shepherd:
Principal entrance to Kings Bench Prison, engraved by J... reproduction
A Young Girl with a Cat 1866 - Karl Nahl
Karl Nahl:
A Young Girl with a Cat 1866 reproduction
Esther Boardman I - Ralph Earl
Ralph Earl:
Esther Boardman I reproduction
The Little Shepherdess - Arthur Dampier May
Arthur Dampier May:
The Little Shepherdess reproduction
Pan Playing his Pipes - Paulus Moreelse
Paulus Moreelse:
Pan Playing his Pipes reproduction
Paris Welcoming The World - Benjamin Jean Joseph Constant
Benjamin Jean Joseph Constant:
Paris Welcoming The World reproduction

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