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Georg Melchior Kraus
Lady with a Musical Instrument - Georg Melchior Kraus reproductionsThe Resistance of Forty Greek Rebels in a Tower in Thebe - Georg Melchior Kraus reproductionsIllustration of the figures 3 - Georg Melchior Kraus reproductions

Trigonometric Dispute

Trigonometric Dispute - Georg Melchior Kraus

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Trigonometric Dispute - Georg Melchior Kraus reproductions
Artist Name:Georg Melchior Kraus
Painting Title:Trigonometric Dispute
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R e l a t e d   r e p r o d u c t i o n s:

The Beginning of the Silk Industry in Europe, plate 9 from Nova Reperta New Discoveries engraved by Philip Galle 1537-1612 c.1600 - (after) Straet, Jan van der (Giovanni Stradano)
(after) Straet, Jan van der (Giovanni Stradano):
The Beginning of the Silk Industry in Europe, plate 9... reproduction
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Mary Bradish Titcomb:
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Aert Schouman:
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Meeting in a Salon 1790 - Jean-Baptiste Mallet
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Meeting in a Salon 1790 reproduction
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The Marquise de Pompadour reproduction
The Last Sleep - George Cochran Lambdin
George Cochran Lambdin:
The Last Sleep reproduction

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