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Henry Farny
Theodore Roosevelt Sage Grouse Shooting - Henry Farny reproductionsApache Indians in the Mountains - Henry Farny reproductionsIndian Encampment II - Henry Farny reproductions

A Rest in the Desert

A Rest in the Desert - Henry Farny

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A Rest in the Desert - Henry Farny reproductions
Artist Name:Henry Farny
Painting Title:A Rest in the Desert
Museum:Public collection
Minerva Dressing 1613 - Lavinia Fontana reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

Indian Portrait - Henry Farny reproduction
Indian Portrait reproduction
Indians - Henry Farny reproduction
Indians reproduction
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Indian with Tomahawk reproduction
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Plains Indian reproduction
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Crow Scouts reproduction
Moki Courtship - Henry Farny reproduction
Moki Courtship reproduction
Nest of Rattlesnakes - Henry Farny reproduction
Nest of Rattlesnakes reproduction
The Captive - Henry Farny reproduction
The Captive reproduction

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