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Julien Dupre
La Laitiere (The Milkmaid) - Julien Dupre reproductionsThe Milkmaid - Julien Dupre reproductionsReturning From the Fields - Julien Dupre reproductions

Le Berger (The Shepherd)

Le Berger (The Shepherd) - Julien Dupre

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Le Berger (The Shepherd) - Julien Dupre reproductions
Artist Name:Julien Dupre
Painting Title:Le Berger (The Shepherd)
Museum:Private collection
Rembrandt Van Rijn reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

Returning From The Fields2 - Julien Dupre reproduction
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Shepherdess With Her Flock - Julien Dupre reproduction
Shepherdess With Her Flock reproduction
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The Watering Hole - Julien Dupre reproduction
The Watering Hole reproduction
Milking Hour - Julien Dupre reproduction
Milking Hour reproduction

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