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Moritz Ludwig von Schwind
Landscape with Wanderer c. 1835 - Moritz Ludwig von Schwind reproductionsEarly Morning 1858 - Moritz Ludwig von Schwind reproductionsSt. Elisabeths Departure from Wartburg Castle, c.1854-55 - Moritz Ludwig von Schwind reproductions

Waternymphs watering a stag, c.1844-47

Waternymphs watering a stag, c.1844-47 - Moritz Ludwig von Schwind

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Waternymphs watering a stag, c.1844-47 - Moritz Ludwig von Schwind reproductions
Artist Name:Moritz Ludwig von Schwind
Painting Title:Waternymphs watering a stag, c.1844-47
Museum:Hamburger Kunsthalle - Hamburg
Hendrick Van Vliet reproductions


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