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Ralph Earl
Mrs. Henry Daggett (Elizabeth Prescott) - Ralph Earl reproductionsColonel William Floyd - Ralph Earl reproductionsMrs. Joseph Wright - Ralph Earl reproductions

Reclining Hunter

Reclining Hunter - Ralph Earl

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Reclining Hunter - Ralph Earl reproductions
Artist Name:Ralph Earl
Painting Title:Reclining Hunter
James Ward reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

Sophia Drake - Ralph Earl reproduction
Sophia Drake reproduction
Roger Sherman - Ralph Earl reproduction
Roger Sherman reproduction
Sherman Boardman - Ralph Earl reproduction
Sherman Boardman reproduction
William Carpenter - Ralph Earl reproduction
William Carpenter reproduction
Reverend Nathaniel Taylor - Ralph Earl reproduction
Reverend Nathaniel Taylor reproduction
Thomas Earle - Ralph Earl reproduction
Thomas Earle reproduction
Reverend Ebenezer Porter - Ralph Earl reproduction
Reverend Ebenezer Porter reproduction
Reverend Nehemiah Strong - Ralph Earl reproduction
Reverend Nehemiah Strong reproduction

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