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Wassily Kandinsky
Improvisation - Wassily Kandinsky reproductionsThroughgoing line - Wassily Kandinsky reproductionsMurnau - View with Railway and Castle (Murnau - Aussicht mit Eisenbahn und Schloss) - Wassily Kandinsky reproductions

Contrasting Sounds

Contrasting Sounds - Wassily Kandinsky

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Contrasting Sounds - Wassily Kandinsky reproductions
Artist Name:Wassily Kandinsky
Painting Title:Contrasting Sounds
Castle On A Hill - Italian Unknown Masters reproductions


F o l l o w i n g   i m a g e s:

In Grey - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
In Grey reproduction
Impression III Concert - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
Impression III Concert reproduction
Gentle Ascent - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
Gentle Ascent reproduction
Improvisation 6 African - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
Improvisation 6 African reproduction
Upward - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
Upward reproduction
Improvisation 7 - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
Improvisation 7 reproduction
Dreamy Improvisation - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
Dreamy Improvisation reproduction
Fugue - Wassily Kandinsky reproduction
Fugue reproduction

R e l a t e d   r e p r o d u c t i o n s:

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Juan Gris:
Guitar On A Chair reproduction
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The Five Senses, 1931 - Georges Valmier
Georges Valmier:
The Five Senses, 1931 reproduction
Fight Against the Ocean, 1916 - Olga Rozanova
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Fight Against the Ocean, 1916 reproduction
Plate II from Contributions of the physiology of vision No. I, published in the Journal of the Royal Institution, 1830 - Jan Purkinje
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Still Life Before An Open Window Place Ravignan - Juan Gris
Juan Gris:
Still Life Before An Open Window Place Ravignan reproduction
Celestial Planisphere Showing the Signs of the Zodiac, from 'The Celestial Atlas, or The Harmony of the Universe' - Andreas Cellarius
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Celestial Planisphere Showing the Signs of the Zodiac,... reproduction

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