New European Painting

Betty - Richter, Gerhard - 1988 - 2

Betty (1988) by Gerhard Richter

The artwork “Betty” was created by artist Gerhard Richter in 1988. It is an oil on canvas painting, capturing the essence of the New European Painting movement of which Richter was a significant proponent. With precise dimensions of 101.9 by 59.4 cm, the piece is distinctively figurative, exhibiting such characteristics in its realistic representation. Currently, …

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Phantom Interceptors - Richter, Gerhard - 1964 - 2

Phantom Interceptors (1964) by Gerhard Richter

“Phantom Interceptors” is a distinguished artwork by Gerhard Richter, created in 1964. This oil on canvas reflects the figural representation within the New European Painting movement. It measures 140 by 190 centimeters and forms part of the “Aeroplanes (1963-1964)” series. Currently, the artwork is housed in the Froehlich Collection in Stuttgart. The artwork features the …

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