Alberto Giacometti – Artwork & Bio of the Swiss Sculptor

Alberto Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor and painter born on 10 October 1901 in Stampa, Graubunden. Alberto’s artistic background influenced his development so much that he painted his first at age twelve. Giacometti studied at the Ecole des Arts Industriels under David Estoppey and Maurice Sarkissoff.  Giacometti also studied ancient works in Italy before moving to Paris, where he exhibited his first sculpture in 1926.

While in Paris, Giacometti associated with the Surrealists, who would influence his mature works. Giacometti returned to Paris in 1946 after escaping from the capital six years earlier with his brother due to the German invasion. The 1950s and 1960s saw Giacometti develop his sculpting style while occasionally painting. On 11 January 1966, Giacometti died of failing health in Switzerland.

What was Alberto Giacometti Known For?

Alberto Giacometti was known for making surrealist sculptures of bronze figures. Giacometti’s famous sculptures are tall and large and are primarily female figures. Many of Alberto’s sculptures were made with bronze and are often elongated. Aside from sculpting, Giacometti also painted intermittently, often using his wife as a model.

Who was Alberto Giacometti Influenced By?

Famous personalities of the Surrealism movement, such as Andre Benton, Max Ernst, Joan Miro, and Andre Masson, influenced Alberto Giacometti in Paris. After his move to Paris and first exhibition at the Salon des Tuileries in 1926, Giacometti warmed up to the Surrealist culture in Paris and associated with the artists of the movement, who would impact his renowned sculpting style.

What Art Movement was Alberto Giacometti Associated With?

Alberto Giacometti was associated with the Surrealism art movement. Surrealism primarily focuses on depicting figures, motifs, and ideas imaginatively.

Alberto Giacometti Artwork

Alberto’s works are in the collections of famous museums and institutions in France, Switzerland, and the USA. Below are some of them


Gazing Head


Hands Holding the Void

Naked Lying Back


Spoon Woman

Surrealist Table

Suspended Ball

The Artist’s Mother

The Capsizing Man

The Palace at 4 a.m

The Walking Man I

Three Men Walking

Woman with Her Throat Cut

All Alberto Giacometti Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Tall Figure 1949 Painted Bronze
Woman with Her Throat Cut 1932 - 1940 bronze
The Cage 1930 - 1931 Wood
The Nose 1949 - 1964 bronze,wire,steel
The Surrealist Table 1933 bronze
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