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Alexandros of Antioch was a sculptor of the Hellenistic period. He is widely believed to have created one of the most famous classical sculptures, the Venus de Milo statue. Alexandros was known to work as a wandering artist on commission, although little else is known about his life. According to inscriptions found in Thespiae, Greece, his father’s name was Menides.

As a sculptor, Alexandros’ style was characterized by naturalism, and it is possible that he studied under Praxiteles. The Venus de Milo statue features a female figure posed in a classical S-curve and is an example of Alexandros’ mastery over form and technique.

Other than these notable achievements, little is known about Alexandros’ other works or commissions during his lifetime. Despite this lack of information about his life outside of sculpting endeavors, he has made an indelible mark on history through his influential creations.

In conclusion, while not much is known about Alexandros of Antioch besides his artistry and legacy as a prominent sculptor during the Hellenistic period, his contributions in this field are immeasurable for art enthusiasts around the world today.

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Artwork Name Year Medium
Venus de Milo c.130 - c.110 BC marble
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