Andrea Mantegna Biography and Artwork

Andrea Mantegna was an Italian Renaissance artist known for his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to classical antiquity. Born in Isola di Carturo in 1431, he studied Roman archaeology and was the son-in-law of Jacopo Bellini. Mantegna experimented with perspective and spatial illusion in his work, influencing other notable artists of the time, including Albrecht Dürer and Giovanni Bellini.

As a master of perspective and foreshortening, Mantegna made important contributions to the compositional techniques of Renaissance painting. He is most famous for his frescoes and paintings depicting religious subjects, such as “The Lamentation of Christ.” His dramatic use of light and shadow creates a sense of depth that immerses viewers into the scene.

Mantegna became the leading artist at the school of Padua and was appointed as the official court painter to the Gonzaga family in Mantua. He remained in their employ for over two decades, creating impressive works such as “Camera degli Sposi” (Room of the Newlyweds) that adorned their palace walls.

Andrea Mantegna’s legacy continues through his impact on art history. His attention to detail, experimentation with perspective techniques revolutionized painting during his time period, influencing future generations of artists beyond Italy’s borders.

All Andrea Mantegna Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Portrait Of Cardinal Carlo De' Medici 1466 Tempera On Wood
Camera Degli Sposi 1474 Fresco
Bird On A Branch c. 1500 Pen And Brown Ink
St. Sebastian 1475 Tempera on Panel
Adoration of the Shepherds 1456 oil,tempera
The Lamentation over the Dead Christ 1475 - 1478 Oil on Tempera on Canvas
St James on the way to his execution c.1450 - c.1455 Fresco
Camera degli Sposi 1473 Fresco
Madonna and Child (Madonna of the Caves) c. 1489-90 Tempera on panel
Sacra Conversazione (Madonna della Vittoria) 1496 Tempera on Canvas
St. Luke Polyptych 1453-54 Tempera on wood
Calvary 1457-60 Wood
Judith and Holofernes 1495 - 1500 Tempera on wood
The Agony in the Garden c.1458 - c.1460 tempera,oil
Samson and Delilah 1495 - 1506 Oil on Canvas
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