Annibale Carracci Biography and Artwork

Annibale Carracci was a prominent Italian painter born in Bologna in 1560. He came from an artistic family, with Ludovico and Agostino being well-known artists as well. Annibale learned painting from Ludovico and printmaking from Agostino, and may have also trained with Bartolomeo Passarotti, resulting in several early works such as portraits and genre subjects.

Around 1595, Carracci moved to Rome to work for Cardinal Odoardo Farnese. He quickly became influential in the creation of a new art movement known as Baroque style, which would heavily influence seventeenth-century art. His collaborations with his family members helped forge the Bolognese School of painting into a significant artistic style.

Carracci’s works are characterized by their grandeur, dramatic lighting effects, vivid colors, and bold brushstrokes. His notable paintings include “The Assumption of the Virgin” and “The Flight into Egypt.” He died in Rome in 1609 but left behind a rich legacy that would significantly impact the development of Baroque art for centuries to come.

Overall, Annibale Carracci was an exceptional artist who played a crucial role in European art history through his contributions to painting technique and theory while working alongside his accomplished family.

All Annibale Carracci Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Temptation of St Anthony Abbot 1597 oil
Translation of the Holy House c.1605 oil,canvas
Triptych 1605 oil
The Virgin Appearing to St Luke and St Catherine 1592 Oil on Canvas
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