Anthony Van Dyck – Artwork and Bio of Flemish Painter


Antony Van Dyck was a Flemish painter born on March 22, 1599, in Antwerp, present-day Belgium. Anthony was the seventh child of a silk merchant and an art apprentice at 10. Van Dyck’s remarkable career kicked off when he established his studio in his teen years before he became a master.

Van Dyck was recognized as a master by the Antwerp guild in February 1618. Anthony had an eventful career; he traveled and worked in London in 1621 and then moved to Genoa, Italy, in 1627. The artist completed an etching series titled Iconography in the 1620s. Anthony spent the latter part of his career as a court portraitist; he painted for the Habsburg Governor of the Flanders in 1630, archduchess Isabella. In 1632, he returned to London to work in the court of  King Charles I.

Anthony Van Dyck tutored under Paul Reubens, a revered artist in his days, and was deemed a worthy colleague over time. Van Dyck worked on commissions, creating altarpieces and portraits for notable members of society.  Anthony Van Dyck died of a long-time illness on December 9, 1641.

What was Anthony Van Dyck Known For?

Anthony Van Dyck was known for his portraits of the European elite. Van Dyck’s work changed the tone of royal portraits and inspired royal court artists for years to come. Anthony was also a fine etcher and a notable draughtsman, standing in for his family in a lawsuit at 18.

Who was Anthony Van Dyck Influenced By?

Anthony Van Dyck was influenced by Peter Paul Rubens, his master, and mentor. Other influences on Van Dyck are; Titan, a Venetian pioneer artist, and Hendrick van Balen, whom Anthony trained under in his earlier years.

What Art Movement was Anthony Van Dyck Associated With?

Anthony Van Dyck was associated with the Flemish Art Movement, which was prominent in the 17th-century Baroque period. Anthony’s works have also been related to the Stuart art style, an umbrella term for British art produced during the reign of the Stuart house.

Anthony Van Dyck’s Artwork

Below are some of Anthony Van Dyck’s artwork.



Apostle Jude


Charles I; King of England on a hunt


Charles I of England and Henrietta of France


Crown of thorns




Equestrian portrait of Charles I, king of England


Family portrait


Head of a robber


Nicolaes van der Borght, merchant of Antwep


Philadephia and Elizabeth Warthon


Saint John the baptist in the wilderness


Self portrait


Self portrait


St Martin dividing his cloak


Susanna and the elders


The Lamentation


The penitent apostle


The vision of St Anthony


The wife and daughter of Colyn de Nole

Titian’s self-portrait with a young woman

William II, Prince of Orange, and Princess Henrietta Mary Stuart, daughter of Charles I of England

All Anthony Van Dyck Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Studies of a Man's Head c.1618 - c.1619 oil,panel
Susanna and the Elders 1621 - 1622 oil,canvas
Teresia, Lady Shirley 1622 oil,canvas
The Abbe Scaglia adoring the Virgin and Child
Charles I of England c.1635 Oil on Canvas
Frans Snyders c.1620 Oil on Canvas
Margareta Snyders c.1620 Oil on Canvas
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