August Macke – Artwork & Bio of the German Painter

August Macke was a German painter born on 3 January 1887 in Meschede, Germany. Macke showed signs of artistic prowess as early as age five, partly influenced by his father, an amateur landscape painter. In 1904, Macke began studying at the Royal Academy of Art in Dusseldorf, abandoning the institution two years later. He started taking classes at the Dusseldorf School of Applied Arts while working as a stage and costume designer.

Macke traveled to Paris in 1907, encountering the works of Impressionist painters and adopting some of their styles. Subsequently, he made several European trips, experimenting and developing his artistic style. In 1910, Macke met Franz Marc in Munich and formed the Der Blaue Reiter group.

From 1911 to 114, Macke, Marc, and other expressionists held group shows to showcase their works. Though the exhibitions received their fair share of criticism, the group courted attention from the public and other artists for their expressiveness. Macke’s promising career ended when he died at the war front in France on 26 September 1914.

What was August Macke Known For?

August Macke was known for painting portraits and domestic scenes from everyday life. Since his first encounter with the Impressionist style, Macke maintained the subject matter throughout his career. However, he altered and experimented with his painting style after associating with Franz Marc and Robert Delaunay.

Who was August Macke Influenced By?

August Macke was influenced by Franz Marc and Robert Delaunay. After Macke met Marc in Munich, he adopted a more expressive form of painting in his works, paying less attention to detail and focusing on expression. In 1912, Macke met Delaunay and introduced cubist forms in his artwork.

What Art Movement was August Macke Associated With?

August Macke was associated with the Impressionism and Expressionism art movements.

August Macke Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of August Macke

Elizabeth Gerhard sewing


Elizabeth at the table





Landscape with a cow and camel


Portrait of artist’s wife




Riders and walkers at a park


Rocky landscape


St Germain near Tunis


St Mary’s with houses and chimney


Terrace of the country house in St Germain


Turkish Cafe


Turkish jewelry dealer


Women in front a hat shop


Vegetable fields



View of Tegernsee


Walking in the park


Woman in a park

August Macke Artwork

All August Macke Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Farewell 1914 oil,cardboard
Lady in a Green Jacket 1913 Oil on Canvas
Man Reading in the Park 1914 Oil on Canvas
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