Balthus Biography and Artwork

Balthazar Klossowski, better known by his pseudonym Balthus, was a French painter who challenged traditional European painting categories. He was born in Paris in 1908 to a Polish father and an artistic mother. As a child, he was exposed to the Parisian cultural and artistic elite and befriended prominent figures of the 1920s.

Throughout his career, Balthus explored different styles and techniques, including cubism, but ultimately had a unique style that distinguished him from other artists. He maintained an interest in classical painting while embracing modernist tendencies.

Despite criticism from some circles over his portrayal of young girls, Balthus’s work remains influential today. His contributions to traditional European painting categories cannot be overlooked as they have inspired many contemporary artists worldwide.

All Balthus Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Le salon 1942 Oil on Canvas
La rue 1933-35 Oil on Canvas
Autoportrait 1940 Oil on Canvas
Le passage du Commerce Saint-Andre 1952-54 Oil on Canvas
Les beaux jours 1944-45 Oil on Canvas
Le Chat au miroir III 1989-94 Oil on Canvas
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