Canaletto Biography and Artwork

Giovanni Antonio Canal, more famously known as Canaletto, was born in Venice in 1697 to a family of artists. He started his career assisting his father, a painter of theatrical scenery. Canaletto is known for his vivid topographical paintings that captured the beauty of Venice, Rome, and London. He made meticulous preparatory drawings and often painted the bright and upbeat scenes of his local city with numerous figures, boats, and animals.

Canaletto’s success wasn’t just confined to his hometown; he was also admired by English collectors. It prompted him to visit England repeatedly between 1746-56. His leading assistant at this time was his nephew Bellotto, who went on to become an accomplished artist himself.

Canaletto was part of the Rococo art movement that blended real and imaginary worlds to beguiling effect in his work. Also known for his atmospheric images of Venice and London which influenced succeeding generations of landscape artists. In summing up Canaletto’s life achievements; he belonged among Italy’s greatest view painters which emerged after 1720s during the rise celebrated vedute painting traveled across Europe influencing artistic communities from Denmark to Sicily.

All Canaletto Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Campo di Rialto c.1760 Oil on Canvas
London Northumberland House 1752 Oil on Canvas
View of the Ducal Palace in Venice c. 1755 Oil on Canvas
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