Carlo Crivelli Biography and Artwork

Carlo Crivelli is a notable Late Gothic painter of the Venetian school who was born in Venice around 1430. He came from a family of painters and gained inspiration from the Vivarini, Squarcione, and Mantegna. He spent most of his life in Italy’s Marches region, specialising in highly emotional expressions using colour, line work, and incredible attention to detail.

Crivelli’s career began around 1457 when he was already active as a painter condemned for adultery in Venice during that year. In his career, he created numerous large multisectarian altarpieces characterised by their decorative styling and rigid form – this style became fundamental throughout Northern Italy towards the end of Gothic art movement. Crivelli’s ornamental works reveal extraordinary attention to detail that express intense emotions comparable only to himself.

Finally rewarded with knighthood by Prince Ferdinand Capua in 1490 at age sixty while working on another multi-partite altarpiece masterpiece; Carlo died just five years later in Ascoli during 1495 at an elderly age (although his actual age upon death is unknown). Today, Carlo Crivelli remains a fascinating painter famed for pushing emotional expression through detailed visualizations ahead of changes into what would soon become Renaissance art.

All Carlo Crivelli Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Annunciation 1486 Oil on Panel,tempera
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