Charles Sheeler – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter

Charles Sheeler was an American painter and photographer born on 16 July 1883 in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. Sheeler began his art education at the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art in 1900, studying industrial drawing and applied arts for three years. Subsequently, he enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, studying under William Merritt Chase from 1903 to 1906.

In the following years, Sheeler made trips to Europe and developed as an artist, studying the works of other artists and experimenting with mediums. Sheeler also experimented with photography, using pictures as source material for his paintings. In 1919, he moved back to New York and started working as a photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair in 1926.

Sheeler’s later life saw him work as a senior research fellow in photography at the Met Museum and an artist in residence. His foray into photography continued into the 1950s, working as a photographer for Kodak, U. S. Steel, and General Motors. Sheeler’s artistic work halted when he suffered a stroke in 1959, leading to his death on May 7, 1965.

What was Charles Sheeler Known For?

Charles Sheeler was known for his paintings and photographs of industries, landscapes, and interiors. After returning to the United States from Europe, Sheeler decided to supplement his income with commercial photography. His early experimentation with color, light, and space was evident throughout his career. Sheeler also used his photographs as material for his oil paintings.

Who was Charles Sheeler Influenced By?

Charles Sheeler was influenced by Marcel Duchamp, William Merritt Chase, and Alfred Stieglitz. After studying for three years under landscape painter William Merritt Chase, Sheeler spent the following years associating with modern artists like Duchamp and Stieglitz, who impacted his art.

What Art Movement was Charles Sheeler Associated With?

Charles Sheeler was associated with the Photography and American Modernism art movements.

Charles Sheeler Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Charles Sheeler

All Charles Sheeler Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Classic Landscape 1931 Oil On Canvas
Bucks County Barn 1923 Tempera And Crayon On Paper
Church Street El 1920 Oil on Canvas
Interior 1926 Oil on Canvas
River Rouge Plant 1932 Oil on Canvas
Suspended Power 1939 Oil on Canvas
American Landscape 1930 Oil on Canvas
Windows 1952 Oil on Canvas
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