Childe Hassam Biography and Artwork

Frederick Childe Hassam was an influential American Impressionist painter born on October 17, 1859, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His urban and coastal scenes were highly successful and instrumental in popularizing Impressionism to American collectors, dealers, and museums. Hassam studied at the Boston Art School before traveling to Paris to study under two academic artists.

While in Paris, Hassam was exposed to the vibrant European art scene and began experimenting with new styles that blended European and American influences. He eventually became a founding member of The Ten group of artists devoted to promoting modern techniques and subject matter within the art world.

By the end of his career, Hassam had produced several thousands of artworks spanning various mediums including lithographs, etchings, prints, and paintings. This large body of work earned him numerous awards and widespread recognition from major museums across the United States.

Today, Frederick Childe Hassam is remembered as one of America’s greatest Impressionist painters whose contributions inspired future generations of artists. His works continue to be admired for their vivid colors, expert use of light on canvass surfaces so smooth they appear almost photographic instead painted.

All Childe Hassam Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Manhattan Club (the Stewart Mansion) c. 1891 Oil On Canvas
Winter in Union Square 1892 Oil on Canvas
Charles River and Beacon Hill 1890 - 1892 Oil on Canvas
Allies Day, May 1917 1917 Oil on Canvas
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