Correggio – Artwork & Bio of the Italian Painter


Correggio was an Italian painter born in August 1489 in Correggio, Italy. He received his first artistic education from his father’s brother Lorenzo Allegri, after which he apprenticed in the studio of Francesco Bianchi. Between 1506 and 1514, Correggio took two trips to Mantua, executing commissioned works and winning acclaim.

In 1519, Correggio received his first important commission – the decoration of the mother superior’s private chamber at the St. Paul convent in Parma. More important commissions followed for Correggio, including the dome decoration of the Cathedral of Parma and the church of San Giovanni Evangelista.

In his later years, Correggio earned patronage from royal personalities, including Federico II Gonzaga and  Frederick the Great. His works are in the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Correggio returned home in his later years after spending most of his mature career in Parma and died on 5 March 1534.

What was Correggio Known For?

Correggio was known for painting dome frescoes and altarpieces containing religious and mythological subjects. Correggio employed the sotto in su (up to down) technique of dome painting, which gave an illusionistic appearance of receding figures. He also used bright and vivid colors and incorporated motion and drama in his works. Correggio’s later mythological works also featured gleeful maidens and swans.

Who was Correggio Influenced By?

Correggio was influenced by Lorenzo Costa and Francesco Francia. During his apprenticeship with Francesco Bianchi Ferrara, Correggio familiarized himself with the works of Costa and Francia. His early works showcased the influence of these Renaissance artists. The impact of Melozzo da Forli’s techniques is also evident in Correggio’d dome frescoes.

What Art Movement was Correggio Associated With?

Correggio was associated with the Mannerism and High Renaissance art movements.

Correggio Artwork

Below are the artworks of Correggio


The vision of saint John in Patmos


Allegory of virtue


Venus and Cupid with a Satyr


Behold the man




Jupiter and Lo


Madonna and child with young Saint John


Madonna of the Staircase


Our Lady of the Bowl


Madonna with Saint Francis


Madonna with Saint George




Nativity (Holy night)


Portrait of a gentle woman


Putto with hunting trophy


The adoration of the child


The Apostles Peter and Paul


The Magdalene


The mystic marriage of Saint Catherine


The education of cupid


Virgin and the child with an angel

All Correggio Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Magdalen c. 1518-19 Oil on Canvas
Leda and the Swan 1531 - 1532 Oil on Canvas
Venus with Mercury and Cupid (The School of Love) c.1525 Oil on Canvas
Jupiter and Antiope c. 1523 Oil on Canvas
Portrait Of A Young Man c. 1525 Oil On Wood
Christ presented to the People (Ecce Homo) c.1525 - c.1530 Oil on Canvas
Christ taking Leave of His Mother c. 1512 Oil on Canvas
Noli Me Tangere c.1534 Oil on Canvas
The Madonna of the Basket c. 1524 Oil on wood
The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine 1525 - 1528 Oil on wood
The Adoration of the Child c. 1520 Oil on panel
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt c. 1520 Oil on Canvas
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