Dante Gabriel Rossetti Biography and Artwork

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, born in London in 1828, was an English poet, painter, illustrator and translator. He became one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood together with William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais. Rossetti’s work included Sir Hugh the Heron, Poems (1869), Ballads and Sonnets (1882), and Ballads and Narrative Poems. He was an important figure in both the Romanticism and Aesthetic Art movements.

Rossetti’s contributions to literature and art earned him acclaim during his lifetime; he was adored by younger followers who mimicked his style. It is said that his personal life experienced significant tragedy including the death of his wife Elizabeth Siddal in 1862 which had a profound impact on him.

As a leader amongst English artists within 19th century Britain, Rossetti’s intricate brushwork significantly influenced contemporaries like Edward Burne-Jones as well as segments of European Symbolism. Furthermore, it is believed that Rosetti directly impacted art history decisions that would affect modern art theory. By creating imaginative works with amorous themes – often dealing with medieval myths or re-imagining popular verse – he helped bridge formalist concepts into contemporary romantic poetics while also pushing forward debates about skill versus vision which are still actively studied today.

All Dante Gabriel Rossetti Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Venus Verticordia 1864-68 Oil on Canvas
The Wedding Of St. George And Princess Sabra 1857 Watercolor On Paper
Veronica Veronese 1872 Oil On Canvas
St. George And The Princess Sabra 1862 Watercolor On Paper
Monna Vanna 1866 Oil On Canvas
Found 1853-82 Oil On Canvas
La Donna Della Finestra 1879 Oil On Canvas
A Vision Of Fiammetta 1878 Oil On Canvas
Fazio's Mistress 1863 Oil On Canvas
A Christmas Carol 1857-58 Watercolor And Gouache On Panel
Astarte Syriaca 1878 Oil on Canvas
Beata Beatrix 1864 - 1870 Oil on Canvas
The Blessed Damozel 1875 - 1878 Oil on Canvas
The Day Dream 1880 Oil on Canvas
Proserpine 1874 Oil on Canvas
Lady Lilith 1866 - 1873 gouache,Watercolor on Paper andOil on Canvas
The Bower Meadow c.1871 - 1872 pastel
The Salutation of Beatrice 1859 oil
Ecce Ancilla Domini! (The Annunciation) 1849 - 1850 Oil on Canvas
Beloved 1865-66 Oil on Canvas
The Girlhood of Mary Virgin 1848-49 Oil on Canvas
Aurea Catena (Portrait of Mrs. Morris) c. 1868
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