Diego Velazquez Biography and Artwork

Diego Velázquez was born in Seville, Spain in 1599 to parents of the lower nobility. He began his apprenticeship at the age of 11 under the Mannerist painter Francisco Pacheco, where he quickly surpassed his master in technical skill. Velázquez became one of Spain’s greatest baroque artists and is recognized as one of the greatest masters of art worldwide.

His life-long quest for fame, glory, and power was not limited to becoming the best painter in Spain but to achieve social status as well. Velázquez achieved this by climbing up the social ladder using his artistic talent to create portraits for influential people.

Velazquez’s signature style includes an emphasis on realism rather than idealism through bold brushstrokes and use of chiaroscuro (strong contrast between light and dark). One area he excelled at is portraiture, with some notable examples including “Portrait of Pope Innocent X” and “Las Meninas,” a group portrait that features him as an artist painting King Philip IV.

In conclusion, Diego Velázquez remains a prominent figure among art enthusiasts today who agree that he was not only one of Spain’s most significant painters but also managed to exemplify great business acumen by utilizing art for social purposes.

All Diego Velazquez Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Philip Iv As A Hunter c. 1632-33 Oil
Menippus 1639-1641 Oil On Canvas
La Mere Jeronima De La Fuente 1620 Oil
Queen Isabel 1632 Oil
The Needlewoman c. 1640 Oil On Canvas
The Supper At Emmaus c. 1620 Oil On Canvas
Aesop 1639 - 1640 Oil on Canvas
Christ on the Cross 1632 Oil on Canvas
Juan de Pareja 1650 Oil on Canvas
Mars c.1640 Oil on Canvas
Self-Portrait 1630 Oil
The Forge of Vulcan 1630 Oil on Canvas
The Immaculate Conception c.1619 Oil on Canvas
Christ in the House of Martha and Mary c.1620 Oil on Canvas
Don Luis de Gongora y Argote 1622 Oil on Canvas
Infanta Margarita c.1660 Oil on Canvas
Las Hilanderas (The Spinners) c. 1657 Oil on Canvas
Old Woman Frying Eggs 1618 Oil on Canvas
Philip IV at Fraga 1644 Oil on Canvas
Prince Felipe Prospero 1659 Oil
Venus at Her Mirror (The Rokeby Venus) c. 1644-48 Oil
Christ and the Christian Soul 1626 - 1628 Oil on Canvas
Innocent X 1650 Oil on Canvas
Maria Teresa of Spain (with two watches) 1652-53 Oil on Canvas
Philip IV in Brown and Silver 1631 - 1632 Oil on Canvas
The Buffoon Calabazas (Calabacillas) 1637-39 Oil
The Count-Duke of Olivares on Horseback 1634 Oil on Canvas
The Dwarf Francisco Lezcano, Called El Nino de Vallecas c. 1642-45 Oil on Canvas
The Dwarf Sebastian de Morra c.1645 Oil on Canvas
The Feast of Bacchus (Los Borrachos) c. 1629 Oil on Canvas
The Supper at Emmaus c. 1620 Oil on Canvas
Joseph's Bloody Coat Brought to Jacob 1630 Oil on Canvas
Las Meninas 1656 Oil on Canvas
Pablo de Valladolid 1636 - 1637 Oil on Canvas
Philip IV 1623 - 1624 Oil on Canvas
The Surrender of Breda 1634 - 1635 Oil on Canvas
The Waterseller of Seville 1623 Oil on Canvas
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