Edgar Degas Biography and Artwork

Edgar Degas was a renowned French painter, sculptor, and printmaker who became prominent in the Impressionist group during the late 19th century. Born into a wealthy family in Paris in 1834, he received support from his liberal family to pursue art. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and honed his skills by copying Old Master paintings both in Italy and at the Louvre.

Degas had a rigorous drawing style paired with a respect for line which he maintained throughout his career. While famous for fusing Impressionistic sensibilities with traditional approaches particularly evident through his portrait paintings, Degas also worked on sculptures, prints, and drawings. The artist is renowned for his pastel drawings and oil paintings that showcased beautiful images of Parisian life painted from memories or studies taken at places like opera houses.

Apart from creating beautiful works of art, Degas was also known for being a controversial individual based on how he perceived society. He often received criticism due to his unusual approach to subject matter selection that barely followed trends prevalent among popular artists during that period.

As one of the founding members of the Impressionist group, Edgar Degas was always an investigator of color choice as well as light and composition when producing new artwork. His solid contribution to various forms of art helped shape artistic movements beyond France’s borders while setting him apart as one of France’s most outstanding artists ever known globally.

All Edgar Degas Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Interior 1868 - 1869 grisaille
Laundresses Carrying Linen in Town 1878 Oil on Paper
The Dance Class 1873 Oil on Canvas
A Woman Seated beside a Vase of Flowers 1865 Oil on Canvas
Ballet Dancers in the Wings 1900 Pastel on Paper
Four Dancers c.1902 pastel
Henri Rouart in Front of His Factory c.1875 Oil on Canvas
Place de la Concorde 1875 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of a Young Woman c.1864 - c.1865 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of James Tissot 1867 - 1868 Oil on Canvas
Race Horses c.1873 pastel
Singer with a Glove 1878 pastel,Canvas
The Dance Lesson 1879 pastel
The Rehearsal c.1873 - c.1878 Oil on Canvas
Woman at Her Toilette c.1869 - c.1899 pastel
The Cotton Exchange in New Orleans 1873 Oil on Canvas
At the Stock Exchange c. 1879 Oil on Canvas
Aux courses en province c. 1872 Oil on Canvas
Cabaret c. 1877 Pastel over monotype on paper
Dance School c. 1874 Oil and tempera on Canvas
Dancers Practicing at the Bar 1876-77 Oil colors freely mixed with turpentine, on Canvas
Ecole de danse 1873 Oil on Canvas
Jockeys Before the Race 1869-72 Oil, essence, with touches of pastel on paper
L'absinthe 1876 Oil on Canvas
L'etoile OR La danseuse sur la scene 1878 Pastel on paper
La classe de danse (The Dancing class) 1871 - 1874 Oil on Canvas
Laundress (Silhouette) c. 1874 Oil on Canvas
Le Defile c. 1866-68 Essence on paper mounted on Canvas
Les repasseuses (Women Ironing) 1884 Oil on Canvas
Milliners 1882 Pastel on paper
Miss Lola, au Cirque Fernando 1879 Oil on Canvas
Mlle Fiocre in the Ballet The Source 1867-68 Oil on Canvas
Petite danseuse de quatorze ans, statuette en cire c. 1881
Portrait de M. Duranty 1879 Tempera and pastel on Canvas
Portrait, Evening (Madame Camus) 1869-70 Oil on Canvas
Seated Dancer (Danseuse assise) c. 1879-80 Charcoal and pastel on paper mounted on pasteboard
The Dance Examination c. 1880 Pastel and charcoal on paper
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