Edward Hopper – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter


Edward Hopper was an American painter born on 22 July 1882 in Nyack, New York. Hopper was born in a middle-class family to parents who noticed his talent early and supported his artistic ambitions. However, Hopper’s parents insisted that he study illustration due to its lucrativeness at the time.

In 1889, Hopper enrolled in a New York community art school before transferring to the New York School of Art and Design after a year. While studying illustration, Hopper learned to paint from established painters. He also supported himself by giving art lessons and painting commercially. In 1906, Hopper traveled to Europe with the money he had saved.

In 1910, Hopper returned to America. Struggling to succeed financially as a painter, Hopper earned a living illustrating magazines. He also made etchings which he sold for a small price. In 1923, Hopper started spending summers in Massachusetts, where he switched to using watercolor.

Hopper’s switch to watercolor ushered in the most successful period of his career, exhibiting widely and winning acclaim for his work. He also sold many of his paintings for thousands of dollars. Hopper carried an unblemished reputation as a painter until his death on 15 May 1967 in Washington Square North, New York.

What was Edward Hopper Known For?

Edward Hopper was known for painting realistic scenes that often portrayed a sense of isolation. Hopper had a fascination for empty rooms and incorporated them into his paintings. He was an artist who took his time with every artwork, paying keen attention to detail and relative subject placement. His preferred mediums were oils and watercolors.

What Art Movement was Edward Hopper Associated With?

Edward Hopper was associated with the Realism art movement.

Edward Hopper Artwork

Below are some of the  artworks of Edward Hopper



Bridge on the Seine


Chop Suey


Early Sunday Morning


From Williamsburg Bridge


Girl at a Sewing Machine


Hotel Lobby


Lighthouse at Two Lights




Office at Night


Office in a Small City


Railroad Train


Saltillo Mansion


Summer Interior


Table for Ladies

All Edward Hopper Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Blackhead, Monhegan 1916-19 Oil On Wood
Second Story Sunlight 1960 Oil on Canvas
The Lee Shore 1941 Oil on Canvas
Hotel Lobby 1943 Oil on Canvas
Light at Two Lights 1927 Watercolor on paper
Rooms for Tourists 1945 Oil on Canvas
New York Movie 1939 Oil on Canvas
Sunday 1926 Oil on Canvas
Self-Portrait 1903 - 1906 Oil on Canvas
Rooms by the Sea 1951 Oil on Canvas
Road in Maine 1914 Oil on Canvas
El Palacio 1946 Oil on Canvas
Office at Night 1940 Oil on Canvas
Nighthawks 1942 Oil on Canvas
Morning Sun 1952 Oil on Canvas
The Mansard Roof 1923 Watercolor on Paper
House by the Railroad 1925 Oil on Canvas
Hotel Room 1931 Oil on Canvas
Gas 1940 Oil on Canvas
Drug Store 1927 Oil on Canvas
The Circle Theatre 1936 Oil on Canvas
Chop Suey 1929 Oil on Canvas
Chair Car 1965 Oil on Canvas
Cape Cod Evening 1939 Oil on Canvas
Cape Cod Afternoon 1936 Oil on Canvas
Prospect Street, Gloucester 1934 Oil on Canvas
Compartment C, Car 293 1938 Oil on Canvas
The Lighthouse at Two Lights 1929 Oil on Canvas
Corn Hill (Truro, Cape Cod) 1930 Oil on Canvas
Early Sunday Morning 1930 Oil on Canvas
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