Edward Kienholz – Artwork and Bio of American Artist

Edward Kienholz was an American installation and assemblage sculptor born in Fairfield, Washington, on 23 October 1927. Edward grew up on a farm where he learned carpentry and metalwork early. Kienholz attended the Eastern Washington College of Education and spent some time at Whitworth College, Spokane. Edward never studied art, and neither did he earn a college degree. His passion for art spiked when he moved to Los Angeles in 1953; he started painting and later picked up woodwork.

Edward quickly got engaged in the California art scene, founding two galleries; the first, NOW Gallery, was short-lived. The Ferus Gallery he cofounded with Walter Hopps in 1957 would stay active till 1966. Edward’s work started to gain popularity in the 1960s, and his first solo exhibition was at the Pasadena Art Museum in 1961. Kienholz began to spend summers in Hope, Idaho, in 1966.

Edward’s fifth wife, Nancy Reddin Kienholz, would significantly impact and contribute to his work from 1972 onward. The couple worked as a collective and were referred to as “Kienholz,” their sculptures gained traction in Europe. Edward and Nancy moved permanently to Hope, Idaho, in 1973, where they continued to produce installations and sculptures together till Edward died on 10 June 1994.

What was Edward Kienholz Known For?

Edward Kienholz was known for his intriguing installations and assemblage sculptures. Edward’s work addressed issues like poverty, prostitution, abortion, and racism, to name a few.

Who was Edward Kienholz Influenced By?

Edward Kienholz was influenced by Bruce Conner and Wallace Berman. Both artists were involved with assemblages, and Bruce Conner’s work was exhibited at Ferus Gallery.

What Art Movement was Edward Kienholz Associated With?

Edward Kienholz was associated with the Funk Art Movement. Funk art is an American movement based on the figurative expression of abstract terms.

Edward Kienholz’s Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Edward Kienholz.

The infield was Patty


Back seat dodge




Documentia suitcase


The econo can



The carousel




Illegal operation


The beanery


Sollie 17

The pool hall




Wide walls




A catalogue of horrors


Grab for reality




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