Emil Nolde – Artwork & Bio of the Danish Painter

Emil Nolde was a Danish painter born on 7 August 1867 in Nolde, Denmark. After learning furniture design for four years, Emil enrolled at the Karlsruhe School of Applied Arts to study art in 1889. Three years later, he took up the position of art instructor at St. Gallen. Nolde then abandoned his teaching job and studied under Friedrich Fehr, Adolf Holzel, and at the Academie Julian.

Nolde started gaining ground as an artist in the 1900s, exhibiting with famous groups such as the Die Brucke group, the Berlin Secession, and the Der Blaue Reiter group. Despite being ordered by the Nazis, Nolde continued to paint watercolors of landscapes and flowers until his death on 13 April 1956 in Neukirchen, Germany.

What was Emil Nolde Known For?

Emil Nolde was known for abstractly painting religious scenes. Nolde’s famous works had religious themes that he depicted with delineated figures and bold colors. Nolde won acclaim for his unconventional application of pigment and forms. After the Nazis banned him from buying oil paint and canvas, Nolde continued to paint by improvising with watercolors.

Who was Emil Nolde Influenced By?

Paul Gaugin influenced Nolde’s mature works. After his involvement with the Der Blaue Reiter group, Nolde traveled to Germany, where Gaugin’s art and art movement caught the interest of the Danish artist. Emil would incorporate this style into his works till his switch to floral watercolors inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

What Art Movement was Emil Nolde Associated With?

Emil Nolde was associated with the Expressionism art movement. Nolde’s works also showcase traces of Fauvism in his use of bold colors and subject matter.

Emil Nolde Artworks.

Nolde never associated with any group for long, threatening his reputation and fame as an artist. However, the Nolde Museum in Seebull reminds the world of the artist’s ability. Below are some of his works


Colored sky above the Marais


Dance Around the Golden Calf

Excited People

Jesus Christ and the Sinner

Mask Still Life III


Stormy Sea


Sunrise at the sea

The Enthusiast

The Last Supper

The Missionary

The Tribute Money

Women and Pierrot

All Emil Nolde Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Dance Around the Golden Calf 1910 Oil on Canvas
Crucifixion 1912 Oil on Canvas
Excited People 1913 Oil on Canvas
Mask Still Life III 1911 Oil on Canvas
Wildly Dancing Children 1909 Oil on Canvas
Legend Saint Mary of Egypt - Death in the Desert 1912 Oil on Canvas
Women and a Pierrot 1917 Oil on Canvas
Autumn Sea VII 1910 Oil on Canvas
Candle Dancers 1912 Oil on Canvas
Child and Large Bird 1912 Oil on Canvas
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