Eva Strautmann – Biography and Artwork of the German Artist

Eva Strautmann

Eva Strautmann is a contemporary artist from Germany, born in 1963 in Strang (Rothenfelde). She studied literary studies at the Free University of Berlin, where she obtained a Magister Artium. Throughout her career, Eva has displayed an intuitive and gestural artistic practice with oils on canvas that often produces meditative art pieces.

After completing her studies, she worked as a tutor and artistic assistant at the Berlin University of the Arts before moving to become an assistant director at the Berliner Ensemble. During this period, Eva began working on films with Karola Schlegelmilch.

Artistic Style And Techniques of Eva Strautmann

Eva Strautmann is a renowned postwar and contemporary German artist who explores the effects of climate change on human systems through her abstract paintings and drawings. Her works have been exhibited nationally, and her contributions to environmental awareness have earned her numerous awards.

Strautmann’s artistic style revolves around capturing the realities of environmental change in abstract forms. She evokes the impact of these changes on human society without being overtly political or sentimental. As she once said, painting is above all a mental process for her.

To achieve her signature blend of art and social commentary, Strautmann employs various techniques such as oil on canvas and oil on cardboard. Her unique approach to art positions her as an adept communicator who can register environmental reality while still evoking complex human systems undermined by it.

Notable Artwork of Eva Strautmann

Some of her notable pieces include Blue and White, Intervalle, Golden Horses, and Red Horse.

Strautmann’s works have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions in different cities such as Frankfurt, Berlin, and Heussenstamm-Galerie. She was involved in art and the media, on the street and in personal debates on ecological relationships.

Aside from paintings, she also creates prints, graphic art, works on paper, sculpture as well as photography. Her diverse portfolio showcases her skills across these mediums.

As an accomplished artist and former lecturer at the University of Arts Berlin with experience as an assistant director at the Berliner Ensemble; Eva Strautmann continues to produce notable pieces that bring together different ideas through distinctive styles across many platforms to create beautiful pieces of art for all to enjoy.

Eva Strautmann Awards and Recognition

Eva Strautmann has received various scholarships, including the Budapest-Scholarship and Moldau-Scholarship, which have helped her hone her craft. In addition to receiving these scholarships, she is also a member of the Berufsverband Bildender K√ľnstler/innen Berlin.

Strautmann’s talent and dedication to her craft have not gone unnoticed, as she was recently awarded a grant from the Hessische Kulturstiftung in 2021. This prestigious award goes to selected artists who show exceptional promise and dedication to their art form. Strautmann’s artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, with pieces sold at auction.

All Eva Strautmann Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Dreierkonstellation Oil on Paper Mache
Red Horses 5 2023 Oil on Cardboard
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