F. H. Varley Biography and Artwork

Frederick Horsman Varley was a renowned Canadian painter and member of the Group of Seven, a group of celebrated Canadian landscape painters. Born in Sheffield, England in 1881, Varley studied art in England and Belgium before serving as a war artist in England and France from 1918-20. He produced some of the most moving canvases of the war during this time.

Varley’s artistic style focused on figure painting, portraits, and landscapes. He traveled extensively across Canada and elsewhere to seek new inspiration for his landscapes. One of his most famous works is Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay (1921), created after a summer at Georgian Bay.

Along with being one of Canada’s finest artists, Varley was also known for his unconventional lifestyle filled with binge drinking, womanizing, and spendthrift behavior. However, despite these distractions, he continued to produce exceptional artwork well into his career.

Varley remained an active painter until his death on September 8th, 1969, leaving behind an enduring legacy that includes exceptional portraits from both the Group of Seven and personal travels as well as early war pictures. His contributions to Canadian art continue to be celebrated long after his passing.

All F. H. Varley Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Sunken Road 1919 Oil on Canvas
Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay c. 1920 Oil on Canvas
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