Fernando Botero Biography and Artwork

Fernando Botero is a renowned artist from Colombia, known for his distinctive style of painting and sculpture that features whimsical, exaggeratedly rotund figures. Born in 1932 in MedellĂ­n, Botero left matador school to pursue his passion for art, studying Renaissance and Baroque masters across Europe.

Botero’s signature style, “Boterismo,” became widespread in the 1970s and has come to represent social commentary or humor. His oeuvre spans various themes, from Colombian daily life to art-historical references. The artist’s early drawings were more naturalistic than his later works.

With numerous prizes and distinctions under his belt, Botero’s work can be found worldwide in public spaces and prestigious collections. In addition to sculpture and painting, he is also an accomplished draftsman.

In summary, Fernando Botero is a Colombian artist hailed globally for his unique style of paintings and sculptures that feature inflated human or animal shapes reflecting political criticism or humor. His works range across various themes from life in Colombia to references in art history with honors obtained both locally and internationally since the 1970s until present day.

All Fernando Botero Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Bathroom 1993 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Watermelon 1992 Oil on Canvas
The Musicians 1991 Oil on Canvas
A Couple 1995 Oil on Canvas
A Family 1996 Oil on Canvas
Man with Dog 1989 Oil on Canvas
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