Fra Angelico Biography and Artwork

Fra Angelico, born Guido di Pietro in Vicchio around 1400, was a prominent Italian painter and artist. He combined the religious style of the Middle Ages with the Renaissance’s concern for representing mass, space, and classical literature. Fra Angelico is renowned for his exceptional talent in painting and was considered a master of perspective. Giorgio Vasari acknowledged him as one of the greatest painters of all time in The Lives of the Artists.

After entering a Dominican convent in Fiesole in 1418, Fra Angelico began his career as an illuminator of missals and other religious books. He embodies an intellectual culture that emphasized logical thought ideals introducing personal liberty during early Renaissance style development under Florentine patronage. His work conveyed a blend between Christian doctrine and classical literature. With this blending comes his legacy’s spiritual aspect, inspiring some to believe it was touched by angels.

Fra Angelico produced many remarkable works during his lifetime, including Virgin and Child raised high over saints on either side being one such example of his most compelling works. It details complex elements seen throughout renaissance art such as precise rendering perspective techniques like atmospheric perspective conveying depth.

In February 1455 at the Dominican convent San Marco Rome where he lived decorated with frescoes still admired today amongst others he created throughout Florence for illustrious personalities like Cosimo de Medici passes away ending greatly respected life and ongoing artistic influence felt even now centuries later by many artists worldwide.

All Fra Angelico Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Saint Lawrence Receiving The Treasures Of The Church From Pope Sixtus Ii c. 1450s Fresco
The Ordination Of Saint Lawrence c. 1450s Fresco
Annunciation c.1435 Fresco
Coronation of the Virgin 1434 - 1435 Tempera on Panel
Nativity 1440 - 1441 Fresco on Wall
Chapel of San Brizio 1447 Fresco
Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece from San Domenico 1434 - 1435 Tempera on Panel
Crucified Christ with Saint John the Evangelist, the Virgin, and Saints Dominic and Jerome 1439-1443 Fresco
Lamentation 1439-1443 Fresco
Saint Anthony the Abbott Tempted by a Lump of Gold c. 1430 Tempera on panel
San Marco Altarpiece 1438-40 Tempera and gold on panel
Stoning of Saint Stephen 1449 Fresco
Christ Resurrected and the Maries at the Tomb 1439-1443 Fresco
Mocking of Christ with the Virgin and Saint Dominic 1439-1443 Fresco
Presentation in the Temple (left) 1425-30 Fresco
Saint Lawrence Giving Alms 1449 Fresco on Wall
The Annunciation and the Adoration of the Magi c. 1420 Tempera and gold on panel
Noli Me Tangere 1440 - 1442 Fresco on Wall
Transfiguration 1440 - 1442 Fresco on Wall
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