Frederic Church – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter

Fredric Church was an American painter born on 4 May 1826 in Hartford, Connecticut. Frederic was born into a wealthy family. His father encouraged his artistic pursuit by enrolling him under Thomas Cole, a renowned American landscape painter. Church studied under Cole for four years and settled in New York, where he began his professional career. Church won acclaim worldwide through his intercontinental exhibitions.

Throughout the 1850s, Church built his reputation exhibiting on both sides of the Atlantic. Losing his two infant children in 1865 halted Church’s artistic involvement temporarily.  He retreated with his wife to Jamaica for six months to recover. On his return, Church continued painting and experimented with architectural design. Though his best painting years were behind him, Church lived his final days comfortably due to the financial success he had achieved.

What was Frederic Church Known For?

Frederic Church was known for painting landscapes of New York and other cities he traveled to in search of subject matter. Church, an excellent draftsman, expertly depicted atmospheric effects, flowers, and other natural elements in his work. He also added a hint of illusion in his famous, boldly colored oil paintings.

Who was Frederic Church Influenced By?

Frederic Church was influenced by Thomas Cole, J.M.W. Turner, and John Constable. Between 1844 and 1848, Church studied under Thomas Cole, who famously painted Romantic American landscapes of upstate New York. However, Church developed his style by traveling to find new subject matter and infusing European landscape traditions in his work through the works of Turner and Constable.

What Art Movement was Frederic Church Associated With?

Frederic Church was associated with the Hudson River School. The Hudson River School was an art movement related to American landscape painting.

Frederic Church Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Frederic Church

Above the Clouds at Sunrise

Aegean Sea

After the Glow

Aurora Borealis


Heart of the Andes

Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset

Morning in the Tropics

Niagara Falls, from the American Side


Our Banner in the Sky


Rainy Season in the Tropics

Syria by the Sea

The Iceberg

The Meteor of 1860

The River of Light

The Wreck

Tropical Scenery

Twilight in the Wilderness

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