Frederic Edwin Church Biography and Artwork

Frederic Edwin Church, born on May 4, 1826 in Hartford, Connecticut, was a prominent American Romantic landscape painter and a central figure in the Hudson River School. He was the only son of a wealthy businessman who wanted him to become a physician or enter business. However, Church pursued his passion for painting and became known for his large-scale works that often depicted mountains, waterfalls, and sunsets.

Church traveled extensively throughout his life to draw inspiration from various places around the world. His trips to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America and North America influenced much of his work. He was committed to natural sciences and creating works that had both scientific accuracy and spiritual depth.

Church trained under landscape painter Thomas Cole who had a significant influence on him. He experimented with scale and focal points in his art which helped him stand out as an artist. One of Church’s most notable works was Niagara painting which was considered one of the finest landscape paintings of its day.

Frederic Edwin Church died on April 7th, 1900 near New York City at the age of 73 but he is still celebrated today as one of America’s greatest artists. His legacy lives on through his stunning landscapes that continue to inspire many young artists.

All Frederic Edwin Church Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Rainy Season In The Tropics (detail) 1866 Oil On Canvas
Heart Of The Andes 1859 Oil On Canvas
Niagara Falls, From The American Side 1867 Oil On Canvas
La Magdalena (scene On The Magdalena) 1854 Oil On Canvas
Chimborazo 1864 Oil On Canvas
Aurora Borealis 1865 Oil On Canvas
Twilight in the Wilderness 1860 Oil on Canvas
Rainy Season in the Tropics 1866 Oil on Canvas
Niagara 1857 Oil on Canvas
Cotopaxi 1855 Oil on Canvas
The Natural Bridge, Virginia 1852 Oil on Canvas
Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives 1870 Oil on Canvas
The Icebergs 1861 Oil on Canvas
Heart of the Andes (DETAIL) 1859 Oil on Canvas
In the Tropics 1856 Oil on Canvas
The Parthenon 1871 Oil on Canvas
Cayambe 1858 Oil on Canvas
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