Frida Kahlo – Artwork & Bio of the Mexican Painter

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter born on 6 July 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico. She built a legacy that helped to encourage women to display their artistic sides. Kahlo was one of the first female pupils admitted to the National Preparatory School, where the ongoing work of Diego Rivera – a mural – inspired her to develop an interest in art. A near-fatal accident that left her bedridden compelled Kahlo to start painting portraits.

Amidst a handful of unstable relationships, Frida continued to create her small-scale paintings, even exhibiting at the Art of This Century Gallery in New York. A year before her death in Coyoaca, Frida held the only solo exhibition of her career in 1953 at the Lola Alvarez Bravo Gallery. She is currently a role model for every ambitious female artist looking to defy the odds.

What was Frida Kahlo Known For?

Frida Kahlo was known for painting surrealist scenes that often revolved around human bodies and genre motifs. Before her accident, Frida was an excellent student of medicine and botany. Her paintings serve as a bridge between both of her passions – art and science. She often painted portraits of herself and her loved ones and depicted several emotional states in her work.

Who was Frida Kahlo Influenced By?

Frida Kahlo was influenced by Diego Rivera and her father, Wilhelm Kahlo. Kahlo’s desire to pursue art ignited when she saw Rivera painting a mural at her school. Kahlo and Rivera eventually married in 1929. Frida’s photographic portraits show the influence of her father, a photographer.

What Art Movement was Frida Kahlo Associated With

Frida Kahlo was associated with the Surrealism art movement. Kahlo painted fanciful scenes depicting emotional pain in humans and herself. Kahlo communicates to the innermost part of her work’s admirers by applying the techniques of Surrealism.

Frida Kahlo Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Frida Kahlo

A Few Small Nips



Henry Ford Hospital






Me and My Doll



Me and My Parrots



My Dress Hangs There






Sun and Life



The Bus



The Dream (the bed)



The Two Fridas



The Broken Column



The Wounded Deer



Frieda and Diego Rivera

All Frida Kahlo Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Self-Portrait 1940 Oil On Masonite
Self Portrait 1940 Oil On Canvas
A Few Small Nips 1935 Oil on Metal
Henry Ford Hospital 1932 Oil on Metal
Portrait of Dona Rosita Morillo 1944 Oil on Masonite
Roots (Raices) 1943 Oil on Canvas
Self-Portrait (Dedicated to Leon Trotsky) 1937 Oil on Masonite
Self-Portrait as a Tehuana (Diego on My Mind) 1943 Oil on Masonite
Self-Portrait with Loose Hair 1947 Oil on Masonite
Self-Portrait with Monkey 1938 Oil on Masonite
Self-Portrait 1926 Oil on Canvas
The Little Deer 1946 Oil on Masonite
The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, and Senor Xolotl 1949 Oil on Canvas
Tree of Hope 1946 Oil on Masonite
Fruits of the Earth 1938 Oil on Masonite
Portrait of Diego Rivera 1937 Oil on Wood
Self-Portrait with the Portrait of Doctor Farill 1951 Oil on Masonite
The Two Fridas 1939 Oil on Canvas
What the Water Gave Me 1938 Oil on Canvas
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