George Inness Biography and Artwork

George Inness was a prominent American landscape painter born on May 1, 1825, in Newburgh, NY. He is recognized as one of the most influential American artists of the nineteenth century. Inness was greatly inspired by French Barbizon landscape painting and the radical work of Théodore Rousseau. He distinguished himself from the Hudson River School in his deep use of philosophical and spiritual ideas that inspired his art.

Inness’s fiery career evolved from an early, classic Hudson River School style to a more personal style of intimate landscapes. During his lifetime, he resided in Montclair from 1885 to 1894. Here he was deeply inspired by the natural beauty of the area which contributed tremendously to his later works.

Inness died on August 3, 1894, in Bridge of Allan, Scotland leaving a lasting legacy behind as one of the greatest American landscape painters who offered new interpretations to traditional motifs through transcendent philosophy and spirituality found within nature.

All George Inness Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Sunset At Montclair 1885 Oil On Canvas
Spirit Of Autumn 1891 Oil On Canvas
Morning, Catskill Valley (the Red Oaks) 1894 Oil On Canvas
Passing Clouds 1876 Oil On Canvas
Near The Village, October 1892 Oil On Canvas
Early Autumn, Montclair 1888 Oil On Canvas
The Coming Storm 1878 Oil On Canvas
The Alban Hills 1873 Oil On Canvas
October 1886 Oil on Canvas
Early Autumn, Montclair 1891 Oil on Canvas
Lake Nemi 1872 Oil on Canvas
Medfield 1877 Oil on Canvas
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