Georges Braque – Artwork & Bio of the French Painter

Georges Braque was a French painter born on 13 May 1882 in Argenteuil, France. Braque was one of the pioneers of the Cubism art movement. Working with his father, a decorator, initiated Braque’s artistic interests. In 1902, he abandoned his work as a decorator and focused on painting. Initially, Braque made colorful artworks in the Fauvist style but switched to geometrical forms after meeting Pablo Picasso.

After serving in the war, Braque continued to paint and stuck to the techniques and methods of Cubism. He experimented with costume and set design in the 1920s, then returned to landscape painting in the 1930s. Braque continued painting till the end of his life, experimenting with several themes, motifs, and subject matter. He died on 31 August 1963 in Paris.

What was Georges Braque Known For?

Georges Braque was known for painting still-lifes, landscapes, and mythological entities using geometrical shapes and forms. Braque’s early association with Fauvism continued to reflect in his artworks. He was a master colorist, and his palette often contained bright colors, except for a brief period during the war when he used a limited range of colors.

Who was Georges Braque Influenced By?

Pablo Picasso continued to influence Braque’s artworks throughout his career. After their meeting in 1907, Braque decided to employ Cubist methods in his artworks because he found Picasso’s work intriguing. Together, the duo explored different mediums and applications. Braque’s works constantly showcased the influence of Picasso despite their fallout.

What Art Movement was Georges Braque Associated With?

Georges Braque was associated with the Cubism art movement. Cubism involves using geometrical shapes, lines, and forms to represent subjects. Together with Picasso, Braque explored and popularized the art movement.

Georges Braque Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Georges Braque

Bird and it’s nest

Bottle and Fish

Bottle and Fishes

Bottle of Rum

Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe and Glass

Fruit Dish and Glass

Glass on a Table

Glass pitcher and lemons

Houses at Estaque

Interior with Palette

Landscape near Antwerp

Plate and Fruit Dish

The Bowl of Grapes

The Portuguese

Violin and candlestick

Violin and Pipe

Woman with the easel

All Georges Braque Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Large Nude 1908 Oil on Canvas
Woman with a Guitar 1913 charcoal,Oil on Canvas
Viaduct at L'Estaque 1908 Oil on Canvas
Musical Instruments 1908 Oil on Canvas
Interior with Palette 1942 Oil on Canvas
Pedestal Table 1911 collage,Oil on Canvas
Man with a Guitar 1911 Oil on Canvas
Harbor in Normandy 1909 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Harp and Violin 1911 Oil on Canvas
Fruit Dish c.1908 Oil on Canvas
The Fruitdish 1912 Oil on Canvas
Fruit on a Tablecloth with a Fruitdish 1925 Oil on Canvas
Fishing Boats c.1909 Oil on Canvas
Still Life BACH 1912 charcoal,collage,gouache,paper
Man with a Violin 1912 Oil on Canvas
Violin and Pitcher 1910 Oil on Canvas
Violin and Pipe Le Quotidien 1913 chalk,charcoal,collage,paper
Tenora 1913 Oil on Canvas
Fruit Dish, Quotidien du Midi 1912 Oil and sand on Canvas
Glass, Carafe and Newspapers 1914 chalk,charcoal,collage,Oil on Canvas
Castle at La Roche-Guyon 1909 Oil on Canvas
Black Fish 1942 Oil on Canvas
Fruitdish and Glass 1912 chalk,charcoal,collage,cardboard
Le Portugais (The Emigrant) 1911 Oil on Canvas
Houses at L'Estaque 1908 Oil on Canvas
Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe, and Glass 1913 Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe, and Glass
Fruit Dish, Ace of Clubs 1913 charcoal,gouache,Oil on Canvas
Still Life on a Table Gillette. 1914 charcoal,collage,gouache,paper
Terrace of Hotel Mistral 1907 Oil on Canvas
Bottle and Fishes 1910 - 1912 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with a Violin 1911 Oil on Canvas
Violin and Candlestick 1910 Oil on Canvas
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