Georges Rouault – Artwork & Bio of the French Painter

Georges Rouault was a French painter born on 27 May 1871 in Paris, France. Georges took a love for art from childhood, got his first lesson as an apprentice of a glass painter, and developed himself by drawing antiques and copying works at the Louvre. Afterward, in 1889, Rouault enrolled at the School of Fine Arts and studied under Gustave Moreau. After failing to win the Prix de Rome twice, Rouault dropped out of the school.

He continued receiving mentorship from Moreau until the latter’s sudden death in 1897, which led to Rouault’s temporary break from painting due to depression. Rouault resumed painting in the early 1900s and developed his style based on several experiences. In 1910, he held his first solo show. Subsequently, Rouault’s works focused more on Catholic themes and attracted the patronage of Ambroise Vollard.

Rouault continued creating artworks and exhibited them worldwide. He came into the international limelight in 1937 when he showed his paintings at the World Fair in Paris. In the last decade of his career, Rouault painted with more colors and focused on landscapes. He died on 13 February 1958 in Paris, and the French government honored him with a state funeral.

What was Georges Rouault Known For?

Georges Rouault was known for his figurative paintings, whose subjects were usually prostitutes, clowns, and Christian scenes. Rouault constantly used thick black lines in his works, a style that became peculiar to him. Later in his career, he transitioned from watercolors to oil on canvas.

Who was Georges Rouault Influenced By?

Georges Rouault was influenced by Gustave Moreau. Rouault combined Moreau’s teachings and ideologies to create his early Symbolist works.

What Art Movement was Georges Rouault Associated With?

Georges Rouault was associated with the Symbolism and Fauvism art movements.

Georges Rouault Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Georges Rouault

Acrobate VII





Christ and Doctor



Christ Mocked by Soldiers



Clown and Child


Clown tragique





La Parade

Legendary Landscape


Christ on the Lake


Sleep my love

The Clown



The Old King




The Three Judges

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