Gerard David Biography and Artwork

Gerard David was a celebrated Netherlandish painter and manuscript illuminator born around 1460 in Oudewater, Netherlands. Not much is known about his early years, but he later became a well-respected member of the painters’ guild in Bruges. He was the last great master of the Bruges school and created portraits, altarpieces, and illuminations during his lifetime.

David had a fascination with landscape and townscape, which he blended with figures that were portrayed naturally and at ease within them. This unique style drew appreciation from art enthusiasts across Europe during his time. David’s work remained undiscovered for centuries after his death until they were rediscovered in the late 19th century.

Although not confirmed, historians believe that David ran two workshops- one in Antwerp and another in Bruges which contributed to his high success rate as an artist. As an artist, David was careful about color usage; some notable features of his style include brilliant use of colors that set him apart from others.

Despite being a celebrated artist in his time, little is still known about Gerard David today apart from gathered historical knowledge. Nevertheless, history has shown us that this talented brushman will forever be remembered as one of the few whose works stood its ground against time.

All Gerard David Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Crucifixion c.1475 Oil on Panel
The Rest on the Flight to Egypt c.1510 Oil on Panel
The Marriage at Cana c.1500 - c.1503 Oil on Panel
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