Gerhard Richter Biography and Artwork

Gerhard Richter is a prominent German visual artist, born in Dresden in 1932. He has had a prolific career spanning over six decades and is considered one of the most important contemporary German artists. Richter’s work spans different styles from abstract and photorealistic paintings to photographs and glass pieces. Throughout his career, he deliberately avoided committing himself to any particular stylistic direction, which has been interpreted as an attack on the ideologies embedded in the histories of painting.

Richter’s relatives were connected to the Nazi movement; this fact often influences his work, which explores his relationship with German history. He uses photographs as sources for many of his works, employing innovative techniques that oscillate between realism and abstraction. This approach has made him a crucial figure in Post-War German Art.

While Richter is known for producing both abstract and photorealistic paintings, some of his most famous works feature blurred images reminiscent of photographs out-of-focus. These are created by applying paint then smudging it while still wet; creating a form that appears removed from reality.

As of today, Richter is based in Cologne where he continues to produce significant artwork that provokes thought about various concepts such as identity politics within art movements or cultural issues worldwide.

All Gerhard Richter Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Ema (Nude on a Staircase) 1966 Oil on Canvas
Reading 1994 Oil on linen
Self-portrait 1996 Oil On Linen
Seascape (cloudy) 1969 Oil On Canvas
Cathedral Corner 1987 Oil On Canvas
Administrative Building 1964 Oil On Canvas
Courbet 1986 Oil on Canvas
Dark 1968 Oil on Canvas
Mediation 1986 Oil on Canvas
Untitled 1987 Oil on Canvas
Annunciation after Titian 1973 Oil on linen
Paul Valery 1971-72 Oil on Canvas
Red-Blue-Yellow 1972 Oil on Canvas
Two Candles 1982 Oil on Canvas
Betty 1988 Oil on Canvas
Himalaya 1968 Oil on Canvas
Meadowland 1985 Oil on Canvas
Phantom Interceptors 1964 Oil on Canvas
Townscape Madrid 1968 Oil on Canvas
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