Giovanni Bellini – Artwork & Bio of the Italian Painter

Giovanni Bellini was an Italian painter born in 1430 in Venice, Italy. Bellini received his first art lessons from his father – Jacopo Bellini, who was a painter. Giovanni often traveled with his father, and on one of such journeys, he became intrigued with Christianity. Hence, his early work primarily featured religious scenes.

Bellini’s work featured Christian themes, like his father before him. However, their paintings differed in the manner of emotional expressions of both artists. Giovanni’s art constantly showed an emphasis on love and pity. In 1470, Giovanni and his brother Gentile were commissioned to paint in the Scuola di San Marco.

In 1479, Giovanni was appointed conservator to the halls of the Doge after his brother vacated the post. Four years later, he became the official painter of Venice due to his unmatched mastery and skill. Giovanni’s reputation increased within and outside Italy, bringing many commissions during this period. He died in 1516 in Venice as one of the greatest painters of his era.

What was Giovanni Bellini Known For?

Giovanni Bellini was known for painting religious scenes focusing on communicating emotions of love and sympathy. Bellini was fond of the Christian religion/faith, and Biblical scenes remained the primary subject of his works. His depictions of the human figure were outstanding, and he showcased elegance through his coloring.

Who was Giovanni Bellini Influenced By?

Giovanni Bellini was influenced by Andrea Mantegna, Donatello, Crivello, and Antonello di Messina. Mantegna, Donatello, and Crivello influenced Bellini’s subject matter and painting in the style of the Paduan School. However, his works began to show elegance and beauty after encountering Antonello di Messina, who influenced his switch to oil paints.

What Art Movement was Giovanni Bellini Associated With?

Giovanni Bellini was associated with the Renaissance art movement.

Giovanni Bellini Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Giovanni Bellini

Christ Blessing



Drunkenness of Noah



Madonna and Child Blessing



Madonna of the Meadow



Naked Young Woman in front of the Mirror






Sacred Allegory



Sacred Conversation



Saint Jerome Reading



St Francis in Ecstasy



St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria



The Agony in the Garden



The Assassination of Saint Peter Martyr



The Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels



The Feast of the Gods



The Lamentation over the Body of Christ



The Madonna of the Red Cherubs



Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor

All Giovanni Bellini Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Madonna of the Meadow c.1505 Oil on Wood
St Jerome with St Christopher and St Louis of Toulouse 1513 Oil on Canvas
Madonna with saints 1505
Giovanni Emo c. 1475-83 Oil on wood
St. Francis in the Desert 1480 - 1485 Oil on Panel
The Doge Leonardo Loredan c. 1501-05 Oil, probably with some egg tempera, on poplar
The Feast of the Gods 1514 - 1516 Oil on Canvas
Madonna with saints 1505
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